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We’re a special kind of social media agency.

Social from the start

Factory Social was founded with the knowledge that social media participation will no longer be a luxury for businesses and organisations. It is now a necessity. Our team has helped carve out some of the first UK social networks and they’ve advised brands since the start of (social media) time. Let us help your business make its mark on social media.

Authentic and from the heart

Social is, by definition, attitude and behaviour which takes the needs of others into account. The key is to relate to people, be engaged but respectful, open and honest. Being a social business isn’t about simply coping – it’s about making connections, making friends, collaborators and customers along the way. We take great satisfaction in becoming part of your brand family. We’ll never outstay our welcome.

We like to think we make the complex simple, the standard stylish and the banal beautiful. Our creativity is something we enjoy; we don’t force it, we don’t push it – we simply deliver cherished, clever and compassionate social media contributions. We help you cultivate your relationships by interacting, engaging, enlightening and occasionally laughing out loud. We love to advise, train and develop your knowledge and understanding too as social media constantly evolves.

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Our services are designed to ensure maximum impact for your budget and required outcomes. Click a service below to find out more about some of the services we offer.

Social media moderation

Regulating social media pages can be a difficult task. We can assist! Some of the biggest challenges when managing a community on your social media is dealing with spammers and/or hate comments.

Social media strategy

Our social strategies get to the heart of your business and its customer. We only provide recommendations that build your brand, attract customers and generate buzz.

Social media security audit

Social media is fast becoming a huge asset to organisations. The cost of rogue employees and unsecured accounts can be costly. Prevention is better and all that!

Community management & moderation

Community management is more than a sporadic collection of tweets and hashtags, it requires a clear vision of the outcomes and moderation to ensure quality.

Social media monitoring

Social media monitoring can be a primary form of business intelligence, used to identify and predict consumer behaviour. Listening to what customers and competitors have to say about you is the key for a great social media campaign.

Social media SEO

Search engines love authentic conversations. And guess what? We love creating sparking and authentic conversations, too. Let us drive your SEO results using social media.

Blogger outreach

Blogger outreach is a delicate task. It requires a proven approach and real thinking to be successful. We design your campaign in a way that meets goals and gets results.

Social media training

As more people are using social media as part of their day to day jobs you need to ensure they possess the appropriate knowledge.

Social media software

Social media services > Brand advocacy programmes Target the your natural key influencers: happy customers Unlock the potential of your secret salesforce by letting us design and execute a programme to recruit your natural advocates on social media. Word of mouth…

Brand advocacy programmes

Unlock the potential of your secret sales force by letting us design and execute a programme to recruit your natural advocates on social media

B2B Content marketing

Content marketing in a B2B sales environment is a great way to generate leads and establish your organisation as a thought leader. From writing to seeding, we can help.

Social media policies

Outlining guidelines for your staff is the most effective and professional way to communicate online. A clear and reliable online communication is vital in maintaining a positive image for your brand.

Social media reports

Social network analytics can be quite tricky. It is actually a powerful solution that will allow your business to track the performance of your social network accounts


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Our socially enabled clients

The assistance that Factory Social offered in creating up to the minute digital tools for our communications team was essential. They helped place Barnet at the forefront of Local Government bodies online. Such as it was; the efforts that the team at Factory went to, ended up in an article in The Independent – which we were very proud of.
Digital and Social MangerLondon Borough of Barnet

Social Media

We are a social media agency that understands that social media sits at the intersection of marketing, communications and customer services.

We make social media work for your organisation using audit, insight, strategy and training.

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Factory Social is the social media agency that really gets social. Let’s have a chat?